Embedded systems

Design and programming of dedicated devices and networks for the acquisition of sensors and data analysis. Industrial solutions specifically designed for railway and road applications.

Image analysis

Processing, data mining and complex calculation for security and remote sensing. Real-time image processing. Inspection solutions independent of environmental conditions. Data collection to ensure correct operational safety and preventive maintenance.


Integration of customized infrared detection sensors: an effective tool for automation / process control applications. Sensors for detecting thermal radiation specially designed to detect individual flames of the burner from atomized oil and pulverized coal fuels. IR imaging equipment to monitor road and rail infrastructure and determine its state in all weather conditions.


Pulsed lighting, eye-safety, visible UV and infrared rays. Laser-based lighting systems and cameras to allow equipment to acquire data from rail and road infrastructure and vehicles. High-performance solutions capable of operating in any environmental condition.


Choice, customization and programming of single chip integrated circuits. Monitoring solutions based on microcontrollers that use the sensor network to determine the absence of dangerous situations.